Bill Steele

Deep-cave explorer and author

Bill Steele exploring caves in Texas

Uncharted Territory Article – Bill Steele

World-renowned cave explorer Bill Steele is adding new passages to Texas maps, foot by foot In a dark tunnel near the entrance of Honey Creek Cave, Bill Steele buckles his helmet and tugs on a pair of swim fins. The world-renowned speleologist scoots to the edge of a ledge, then

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Bill Steele in the cave

PESH 2022 Expedition Flag Report

Project Overview A succinct summary of the expedition’s major points including, project significance, objectives, results and any implications the discoveries may have on either the field of study and/or exploration. PESH is an acronym for Proyecto Espeleologico Sistema Huautla, or the Sistema Huautla Speleological Project. Sistema Huautla is a vast

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Bill Steele in cave

Sistema Huautla 2020 Flag Expedition

Expedition Website: Expedition Brochure: Sistema Huautla 2020 Flag Expedition (12 meg)Follow this expedition on Facebook and InstagramBill Steele is a 40 year member of the Explorers Club: Bill Steele Profile Bill Steele (FE ’79) is busily organizing the Proyecto Espeleologico Sistema Huautla (PESH) Explorers Club Flag expedition. The expedition

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