Branndon Bargo HIGHPOINTER

Climber, Film Maker, Science Expedition Leader, TV-Star, “Tells How It Gets Done”

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Most have heard about climbing the 7 summits – the goal of reaching the top of all 7 continents – but few people have heard about a unique and small group of climbers known as Highpointers. These climbers are interested in climbing the highest points all over the world.
Branndon’s goal is to be the first to climb the highest point in every country in the world and he has a good start. He will discuss many of his favorite Highpoint trips which he often combines with other projects. He will also discuss how he turned his passion for climbing into producing and hosting a new TV show on PBS called, “The Highpointers.“

  • Reaching the highpoints of Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq while also meeting with Syrian refugees in UN camps to help gather research for several non-profits
  • Climbing the highpoint of Iran in a climbers-exchange program  
  • Climbing the 5 highest peaks in Ecuador to gather Microbes
  • Climbing the highest point of all 7 Central American countries in a world record time of 12 days 
  • Climbing and biking to the 3 highest peaks in Africa while gathering research for malaria eradication 
  • He is the creator and executive producer of a new special airing on Discovery Channel about the great 1924 Everest mystery of Mallory and Irvine