It’s Melting! See Side-By-Side Historic and Modern Images of Over 100 Years of Rapid Glacier Change and Landscape Evolution

Join The Texas Chapter of The Explorers Club
7:00 PM CST Saturday, August 8, 2020 
On Zoom or Facebook Live
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Hear and See the Work of Dr. Bruce F. Molnia FN80, World-Renowned Glaciologist, Climatologist, Geologist, Scientist, and Indefatigable Explorer.

Bruce studies glacier behavior and presents irrefutable pictorial evidence that it is Hot and Getting Hotter. Learn how for four decades Bruce has bush-whacked his way into the wilderness to take masterfully precise, for direct comparison with historic glacier photographs.

Yes, most of us know about the controversy related to global warming, but until you see the pure evidence, it is intellectually difficult to process. With Bruce’s work, even the most entrenched climate deniers are flummoxed to not believe what they see before their very eyes with side-by-side historic and modern glacier change photos. Even Groucho Marx’s “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” is not enough to disbelieve the time-lapse images Bruce Molnia has assembled.

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Dr. Bruce Molina is the current Chair of the Explorers Club Washington Group, a recipient of the Lowell Thomas Award in 2019, an Explorers Club Fellow, and we are proud to say a member for 40 years.

Bruce is the U.S. Geological Service Senior Advisor for National Civil Applications and an award-winning research geologist. He conducts glacial, marine, and coastal research with a focus on innovative uses of remotely sensed data, and the response of glaciers in Alaska, Chile, and Afghanistan to changing climate. His object is to present understandable science to the public, policymakers, the news media, and his peers.

He has conducted extensive research in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic marginal seas, as well as in Alaska, where his work has focused on understanding the response of glaciers to changing climate and the dynamics of tidewater glaciers. Among many awards and public recognition for his service, Molnia is a recipient of the Antarctic Service Medal and the namesake for Molnia Bluff in Antarctica’s Dry Valleys.

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