Col. Michael Fossum, Space walk

December 3, 2022, Astronaut COL Michael Fossum COO of Texas A&M Galveston

Living on the International Space Station, Space Walking, and Off Shore Sailing, Research Vessel Tour of Galveston Harbor, Marine Lab, Ship Simulator and much more

Speaker, COL Michael Fossum, Astronaut and COO of Texas A&M Galveston: I am extremely excited to let you know that our final meeting of 2022 will be in Galveston on the Texas A&M campus filled with information and back-to-back events about living in space and life in and on the water.

Col. Michael Fossum is a retired NASA astronaut who was an essential part of the program. He twice flew on the Space Suttle, walked in space 7 times, and lived on the ISS (International Space Station) for over six months total.

Col. Michael Fossum

Now Mike is the leader of the University with a passion for research, people, and A&M. Importantly, he loves his students as much as they love him.


The entire event for all meetings and the evening dinner is included in one ticket price. There is of course a cost for the sailing trips.

To make your reservation, choose the number of tickets and click the Pay Now button to pay via PayPal.
Tickets must be purchased not later than one week in advance. 

Hotels: This is Dickens on the Strand weekend so we will not have a group rate. I recommend that you make your hotel reservations as quickly as possible.

Reservations are now closed. Thanks for your participation.

Schedule / Agenda


9:00 – 4:00   Off Shore Sail on Parrot Eyes into the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico with Joe Watson; you will get to drive, trim, and grind. (limited compacity; close-toe rubber sole shoes required; bring your more comfortable lifejacket)

6:00 – 8:30   Sunset Sail of Galveston Harbour On Parrot Eyes; it is both romantic and exciting


I recommend you grab a hearty breakfast to start this long and exciting day; no formal lunch is planned, so perhaps bring snacks to hold you over.
We are going to take a ride on the research vessel, tour a training ship, see the ship simulator in action, and a marine research lab. Better get a good night’s sleep. 

9:00 – 10:00  
Stop by Parrot Eyes docked at Harbour House on The Strand: we will have Croissants, Coffee, and Fresh Squeezed O.J.

11:00 – 11:25, BE ON TIME   
Registration at Texas A&M University at Galveston on Pelican Island
Welcome, Briefing, and Instructions by astronaut COL Michael E. Fossum ‘80
VP TAMU, COO TAMUG and Superintendent TAMMA

11:30 – 3:00   We will be divided into groups to participate in:

  • Galveston Harbour Tour on the R/V Trident with COL Fossum and scientist speaking; geek out with your serious research questions
  • Sea Life Facility – lab where they grow and study sea life from plankton to alligators; tour by the terrific Katy who knows her stuff
  • Bridge Simulator – this powerful simulator is used to train ship captains; ”you might get to drive and you might get seasick?”
  • General Rudder Training Vessel – tour by student leaders from the bridge to the engine room

6:00 – 7:00   
Cocktail Reception With Reports From the Field at 6:30
 Attire: Dinner Attire, Your Expedition Outfit, or Your Cultural Costume, (Safari, Sari, Sadhu, to your Space Suit encouraged)
Videos and slide shows from Chapter Explorers will be on display

7:00 – 9:00   
Dinner and Presentation
Speaker: Astronaut, Space Waker, COO A&M Galveston COL Michael Fossum

FYI: This is Dickens On The Strand weekend so find time to enjoy this special event.                       


9:00   Breakfast And Departure,  Place TBD
Want to sail Parrot Eyes up the ship channel to Clear Lake, come join me. 

Col. Michael Fossum, Space Walk

Col. Michael Fossum: Space Station Commander, Space Walker, University Leader

Raised in McAllen, Texas, Michael Fossum graduated from Texas A&M with an engineering degree and joined the U.S. Air Force. There, he graduated from Test Pilot School. He also earned Master of Science degrees in Systems Engineering and Physical Science/Space Science.  

After 12 years of active duty, Mike commenced a civilian career at NASA.  Mike applied 7 times to become an astronaut before achieving his dream come true. He was selected 1998 to be an American NASA astronaut.
Mike Fossum served as CAPCOM in Mission Control in several flights including lead CAPCOM for ISS Expedition 6. He flew into space on board the NASA Space Shuttle missions STS-121 and STS-124 and served as a mission specialist of Expedition 28 and commander of Expedition 29 aboard the International Space Station. He logged more than 194 days in space. He space-walked with 48 hours of EVA time.

After retirement from NASA, he returned to his beloved Texas A&M this time as a Vice President and the COO of Texas A&M Galveston.

Questions, call Buffalo Joe, 281-932-4143
Joe Watson
Program Chair
Cell: (281) 932-4143

Joe Watson, Explorers Club Texas Member
Parrot Eyes Sailing