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A day without learning something new is at least partially “day lost.” So why not make a list of new things to learn. We are fortunate that an amazing plethora of information is available from an unlimited number of sources. Often we read an article, see a video, listen to a podcast, or read a great book and wish we could share it with our explorer pals and friends.

The Learn List is the place to do just that. All Texas Chapter Explorers are able to post articles, books and media of general interest to be shared so we can all continue to learn daily. Listen Learn is designed to be chronological by date of input and searchable. You can search by Key Word, Tag, or Category. Enjoy!

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TEC Video Archive On Vimeo

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60th Anniversary of Deepest Dive

TEC Oceans Week 2020 Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard dive on January 23, 1961 to Challenger Deep, the deepest point on earth.