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October 21 – 23, at Starbase
in Boca Chica on the Texas-Mexico Border by Port Isabel,
Hear Dr. Sam Patel, Senior Director of Operations (Explorer) tell the SpaceX story. Tour the manufacturing facility and the launch pad with design engineers.

Please note
regarding advanced clearance, no social media, no photography, age 18 and older, other.

“Please come and join us. Among all of the events I have arranged during my three years as Program Chair for the Texas Chapter, “SpaceX, Launch Pad To The Future” will likely be the most consequential. Call me if I can help you plan your trip.” Joe Watson

At Starbase, the SpaceX south Texas launch site, the future is today. Not open to the public or tours, you will hear and see the future of space exploration before your eyes. The name Starbase is literal.

SpaceX is the most prolific rocket launching organization in the world currently leading all others in the U.S. and worldwide. As Program Chair, it is my honor and thrill to announce the SpaceX invitation to our Texas members to hold our fall quarterly meeting at the launch and manufacturing site at Starbase, in Boca Chica. We are also privileged to invite the Florida chapter members, led by Chapter Chair Dr. Joe Dituri to join us.

You will have a rare private tour of the rocket manufacturing facility led by an engineer who builds the craft.  See Falcon 9 rockets taller than a 20-story building and the Falcon Heavy rocket, which will take astronauts to the Moon and ultimately to Mars.  Gaze at the SpaceX Dragon, the first private craft to take humans to the space station.

Be part of the future today.

Bonus Topics: Orionid Meteor Shower Observation, Sea Turtles, and Under Sea Exploration

In addition to our principal purpose of learning about rockets and the next trip to the Moon:

  • Orionid Meteor Shower – this will be the largest meteor shower in North America in 2022.
  • Sea Turtles: we will enjoy learning about special interests Sam Patel and Joe Dituri have about sea turtle conservation.
  • Scuba: special presentations will be made by Nancy McGee, Pat Madden, and Joe Watson on scuba topics.

Youth Attendees:

SpaceX would like to invite up to 10 youth (18 and older) who have a special interest in space exploration or wildlife conservation such as turtles. Please nominate those you would like to attend by emailing BuffaloJoe@JosephWatson.US.
Sponsors for Youth Attendees Needed: If you would like to sponsor one of more youth, please email Joe Watson at BuffaloJoe@JosephWatson.US and we will work out the details.


Attire: Casual, comfortable, walking shoes
7:00 PM Cocktails and Dinner at Starbase Restaurant (credit card only) on the SpaceX site
9:00 Sea Turtle Presentation by Sam Patel and Sea Turtle Inc.
9:45 Launch Pad Tour by SpaceX Engineer
11:00 Rocket Production Facility Tour by SpaceX Engineer
12:30 Lunch at Stargate Restaurant (credit card only)
1:30 SpaceX Women’s Network (exclusive for the Women’s Network); Speaker Chapter Chair Nancy McGee
1:30 SpaceX Scuba Club: open to Scuba Club and Explorer Club Members and Guests; Speakers: Joseph Dituri, Ph.D., “Deep Ocean Diving”; Patrick Madden, “Ocean Creatures We Love”; Joe Watson, “Surviving Out-of-Air from 110′ Down”
2:30 Tikki Bar: Social Time, Adult Beverages
3:00 Explorers Club Texas Quarterly Meeting: Speakers: West Hansen, Arctic Cowboy Northwest Passage Summary Report and Key Speaker Shyamal (Sam) Patel, Sr. Director Starship Operations
6:00 Dinner Off-site (location TBD)
12:00 Orionid Meteor Shower location on Beach to be announced

8:30 Breakfast Location TBD

Sign-up Deadline Wednesday, Sept 28 

Questions and Details About SpaceX, Launch Pad To The Future, travel, hotels, etc., call me, Joe Watson, at 281-932-4143 or emailBuffaloJoe@JosephWatson.US

Questions and Details About SpaceX, Launch Pad To The Future, travel, hotels, etc., call me, Joe Watson, at 281-932-4143 or emailBuffaloJoe@JosephWatson.US

Recommended Activities:

SpaceX is a highly secure facility and it is not open to the public. No visitor groups or tours are available to the public. Our ability to visit the site and hold our quarterly meeting in this security-controlled facility is a privilege which includes special cooperation by those attending.


Thank you so much.

Advance Security Clearance Requirement: please send a copy of your driver’s license and/or passport to me at BuffaloJoe@JosephWatson.US no later than September 28 so we can get your security clearance. Your information will be kept confidential.
Absolutely No Social Media: Without exception, no Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is allowed before, during, or after this SpaceX event.

No Photography, Video, or Sound Recordings on SpaceX Property Allowed

Please “holster” your cell phones, cowboys and cowgirls. Photos from public roads for private use are allowed but may not be distributed.
Minimum Age Is 18: No attendees under 18 years of age.
Do Not Distribute or Post This Invitation: for security reasons, please do not re-distribute this email invitation.

Thank you for your complete cooperation.

The cost to attend is $35.  There is no cost for youth from 18 to 24 years of age, but they must register and receive clearance. To register and pay, click the button below.

We are currently over subscribed for this event. We may have some availability later so please check back again soon.

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