Pat Madden MN’18Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Certified Master Dive Instructor, Filmmaker and World Traveler
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    Pat MaddenPatrick Madden has been diving since 1968, becoming a Certified Master Instructor/Instructor Trainer. He is a retired 26-year Veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and was the dive supervisor and instructor of the RCMP Underwater Recovery Team in Manitoba Canada for 7 years. He has trained in underwater Archaeology, Pollution & Sedimentology, and Marine Biology.

    Pat is a Member National of The Explorers Club and a Fellow in the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. He is also a recipient of the SSA Platinum Pro 5000 Dive Award. He was the Project Leader for the successful search and recovery of a historic 1928 Fokker aircraft from a lake in Northern Canada. Pat has also made underwater discoveries in the Connecticut River, such as remains of a historic bridge, and artifacts from the turn of the century log drives. He has been featured in documentaries by National Geographic and Canadian television networks such as the CBC, CTV and Global TV. He presently teaches law enforcement at a high school in the Dallas Texas area and dives frequently, filming underwater in remote locations around the world.

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